Region Mute and UnMute Command

Learn how to use Pro Tools Mute/Unmute Region command. It’s a really quick and easy way to mute and unmute the playback of selected regions in a playlist. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Tutorial Video – MIDI Editor Basics

Pro Tools MIDI Editor Window and MIDI Editor View – two very powerful ways to see and edit multiple tracks of MIDI at the same time. A brief overview for Pro Tools beginners. [Read more…]

Pro Tools MIDI Overview

Pro Tools MIDI features include sequencing, MIDI editing, scoring and notation, and several great sounding virtual instruments. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Tutorial – Edit and Automation Playlists (Video)

Pro Tools Editing and Automation Playlists can greatly improve your creative work. Edit Playlists allow you to experiment with multiple versions of a track without having to duplicate it while Automation Playlists enable [Read more…]

Pro Tools Pre Post Roll Techniques

Pro Tools Pre-Roll and Post-Roll feature lets you specify an amount of time that you want Pro Tools to play either before or after a Edit or Recording selection. In this video you’ll see it in action and learn multiple techniques for quickly setting your Pre and Post Roll times. [Read more…]

Groove Templates with Beat Detective Tutorial

This Pro Tools 8 Tutorial video will demonstrate using Beat Detective™ to extract subtle timing information from a recording of a live drum part. Then [Read more…]

Using External MIDI Instruments with Pro Tools

Want to use your external MIDI devices with Pro Tools? Record MIDI from a keyboard and then end up with [Read more…]

MIDI to Audio in Pro Tools

This Pro Tools and MIDI tutorial will show you how different Pro Tools features compliment each other in an everyday, professional, [Read more…]

Apple AMS (Audio MIDI Setup) for Pro Tools

Start using your external MIDI devices within Pro Tools, you need to let Pro [Read more…]

Changing Send Views (video)

Pro Tools Sends Views can be displayed two different ways in the Mix window. This tutorial will show you how to toggle between them. [Read more…]