Pro Tools Tutorial – Edit and Automation Playlists (Video)

Pro Tools Editing and Automation Playlists can greatly improve your creative work. Edit Playlists allow you to experiment with multiple versions of a track without having to duplicate it while Automation Playlists enable [Read more…]

Pro Tools Session Management Basics 5

Pro Tools Session Management basics are what you’ve been learning in this series. Now, you’re going to learn what the Regions Groups folder is for, how to save Auto-Backups of your .ptf Session files and why the Video files folder is there one second and gone the next… sometimes. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Session Management Basics 4

The Pro Tools Session document is the heart of your session. It keeps track of everything – which audio files you used, mix settings and automation, plugins, MIDI performance data… everything! Without this document you don’t have a session. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Session Management Basics 3

Fade files are small audio files that Pro Tools creates whenever you use the Fade command. In this video you’ll see how fade files are generated and stored in the Fade Files folder and also what to do if your Fade files are accidentally deleted. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Session Management Basics 2

Training people on Pro Tools I’ve had the unique opportunity to check out the file management habits – good and bad – of hundreds of Pro Tools users. It’s like getting a glimpse of someone’s house. Some are exceptionally clean and tidy. Others are not. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Session Management Basics 1

Pro Tools sessions include audio, fade files, MIDI data, plug-in settings and more. Do you know what files are required in order to backup your sessions and where they are stored? Which session elements are vital and which one’s can be replaced? How does Pro Tools save everything? That’s the subject of this series of videos. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Non Destructive Editing

Pro Tools is considered a nondestructive editing environment because most of the audio edits that [Read more…]

All about iLok

Pace’s iLok key has made plug-in management hassles a thing of the past. If you don’t know what iLok is and how it works. [Read more…]

Studio Monitoring Basics

Ever worked for hours and hours on a mix and then taken it to your car, or to a friend’s house [Read more…]

Understanding Pro Tools File Structure

If you’re using Pro Tools you should know this how to manage the music files you work so hard to create. That’s what this article will help you to do. [Read more…]