Free Bomb Factory Pro Tools Plug-ins

Bomb Factory plug-ins have been a staple Pro Tools freebie for several years now. Have you got them yet? In this post, find out about this cool little stash of free Pro Tools plug-ins which includes the BF76 – a knock-off of what is perhaps the most tried-and-true Limiter in the world, the 1176. [Read more…]

SoundHack Freesound Bundle | Free RTAS Pro Tools plug-ins

The Freesound bundle is a collection of free Pro Tools RTAS plug-ins that were developed by electronic and [Read more…]

SoundHack Delay Trio | Free RTAS Plug-Ins

Download the SoundHack Delay Trio RTAS plug-ins. A set of three delay processors for Pro Tools that were developed by American electronic and experimental music legend, Tom Erbe. [Read more…]

BX Solo: Free RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools

Brainworx Music and Media GMBH make a M/S (mid-side) decoding tool called BX SOLO and it’s available as a free RTAS plug-in for Digidesign Pro Tools users. Find out more and then go and download the plug-in. [Read more…]

Free Plug-In: FLUX Stereo Tool for Pro Tools

The second Flux Pro Tools/RTAS Plug-In to be featured here at ShowMeProTools is a tool that allows super precise control of the stereo image. [Read more…]

Free Plug-In: Prosoniq North Pole

Prosoniq’s North Pole plug-in for Pro Tools is no longer available in RTAS format. However, you can still use it with your Audio Units applications for free. I’ll leave this post up for anyone interested in learning more about this classic filter module plug-in. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Session Guidelines

Download the Digidesign Pro Tools Session Guidelines. They were created by several professional Pro Tools producers and engineers in an effort to make the sharing of Pro Tools sessions as seamless as possible. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: Bitter Sweet II

Bitter Sweet II is a free dynamics processor specifically designed for managing audio transients. It’s made by Flux:: Sound and Picture Development, a French company with a fairly respectable line of Dynamics processors. [Read more…]

Musical Pitch vs. Frequency

Musical Pitch and Frequency are more or less the same thing. What musicians call pitch an engineer will call frequency. It may be an A on a guitar or piano, but it’s 220Hz (or 440Hz and octave higher) on a equalizer. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: Xpand

April 2011: The Xpand Virtual Instrument plug-in is no longer available at the Avid site for free download. If you’re using Pro Tools 8 or Pro Tools 9 this won’t matter because your system will have shipped with Xpand2. If you are running Pro Tools 7.x and would still like to get your hands on Xpand, you can purchase the Pro Tools 7 version of the 101 Courseware, which happened to include Xpand on the DVD. [Read more…]