Digidesign is Avid

If you’ve been at the Digidesign website today, you will no doubt notice the Avid Logo prominently featured in the top right corner. When you hover over it you’ll see the phrase “Digidesign is Avid”.

Avid unveiled an entirely new singular identity to represent all of their video and audio related companies.

The fact that Avid owns Digidesign is not news. What’s new is that it Avid is operating as one company instead of separate companies owned by a single larger company.

Digidesign, M-Audio, Pinnacle, Sibelius, and of course Avid’s Video products are all one big company now.

Avid Press Release

Here’s a short excerpt from the official press release:

Avid today unveiled a new brand identity as part of the company’s business transformation to better serve the interests and needs of its audio and video customers – who range from home enthusiasts to complex media enterprises, and create the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world.

At the center of Avid’s brand identity is a new logo composed of simple geometric shapes derived from the buttons, icons and markers that consumers and professionals recognize as fundamental to the digital audio and video solutions they use every day to enable their creativity. The distinctive mark also spells out the company’s name in abstract letterforms.