Pro Tools Window Configurations Tutorials

Pro Tools Window Configurations enable you to quickly and easily save and then recall the layout of various windows in your sessions. In this series of articles and tutorials, you’ll learn everything you need to know to use Window Configurations to make your Pro Tools life better.

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The page you’re reading right now will give you a birds-eye view of Window Configurations; what they are and the basic idea behind using them. But to show you how to use them, I’ve written a series of articles and tutorials that will take you step-by-step through the process:

The Purpose of Window Configurations

Using Window Configurations saves you a ton of time and energy and can make your Pro Tools sessions run smoothly.

Think about your average Pro Tools session. Think about how much time you spend opening, resizing and positioning different windows on your screen throughout a session. Plug-in windows, Output Windows, the Transport, the MIDI Event list, browsers, and so on. It can add up to a fair amount of time spent.

The Window Configurations feature helps you to get back some of that wasted time by letting you capture, recall and switch between window layouts and display settings – however simple or complex – in a matter of seconds.

Pro Tools Window Configuration Properties

Pro Tools lets you create and store 99 window configurations in a session. Each configuration can store the layout of windows in your Pro Tools session, as well as with the settings for the Edit, Mix, and Transport windows. When you create a single configuration, you can specify which of the properties, or combination of properties, you want to store;

  • Window Layouts: all floating windows such as plug-ins, faders, browers, etc.
  • Window Layout with Display Settings: all floating windows and the current Edit, Mix and Transport window display settings
  • Edit Window Display Settings: Only the Edit window settings
  • Mix Window Display Settings: Only the Mix window settings
  • Transport Window Display Settings: Only the Transport window settings

Managing Pro Tools Window Configurations

Creating, editing and recalling Window Configurations can be done done via the Configurations sub-menu, under the Window menu, or by using the Window Configuration List:

Importing Window Configurations

Pro Tools Window Configurations can be imported from one Pro Tools session to another. This is done using the Import Session Data feature.

Advanced Window Configurations

Window Configurations can be attached to a specific Memory Location. Memory Locations can store and recall their own set of unique display settings (zoom settings, track heights, show/hide settings and more). So, when you combine Window Configurations and Memory Locations, the possibilities for customizing and speeding up your Pro Tools workflow are multiplied that much further.

What Next?

Pro Tools Window Configurations are super powerful and they make working in Pro Tools more enjoyable. You can easily start learning how to use all the different Window Configurations features right now.


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    I really enjoy SHOW ME PRO TOOLS. I switched from Cakewalk’s Sonar to Pro Tools 3 months ago and its been a challenge transitioning. I will be signing up for your RSS feed.

    I spent a great deal of time trying to extract a groove template from Beat Detective using a pre recorded 4 bar sample from a cd. I then applied the extracted groove to an Apple Hi Hat-loop using every possible configuration including region separation and conform, edit smoothing and grid quantizing from the groove clipboard. The Hi Hat loop does not represent the extracted groove from the 4 bar sample.
    Can you please offer some suggestions?

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  2. Roger ~ Thanks for the compliment. I’ll email you directly about Beat Detective.