Free Bomb Factory Pro Tools Plug-ins

Bomb Factory plug-ins have been a staple Pro Tools freebie for several years now. Have you got them yet? In this post, find out about this cool little stash of free Pro Tools plug-ins which includes the BF76 – a knock-off of what is perhaps the most tried-and-true Limiter in the world, the 1176.

The Bomb Factory BF76 (formerly, Bomb Factory 1176) offers you the world-class compressor/limiter capabilities of the classic 1176 Peak Limiter, while the BF Essentials provide a set of time-saving, trouble-solving, mixing studio utilities. All employ intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces so there’s no wasting time with learning curves.

  • Bomb Factory BF76: (TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite) Modeled after one of the most popular dynamics processors in the industry — the renowned 1176 solid state compressor. The Bomb Factory BF76 plug-in’s true-to-form representation of the original in terms of both sound and operation (including the “all four buttons depressed” setting) must be experienced to be believed.
  • BF Essentials Clip Remover: (AudioSuite) The BF Essential Clip Remover repairs clipped audio recordings. That red light no longer means a blown take! You’ll be amazed how quickly this essential tool can repair clipped recordings. Best of all, it’s much quicker and more accurate than using the pencil tool. Set your levels very carefully. But when your signal gets too excitable, try the BF Essential Clip Remover.
  • BF Essentials Correlation Meter: (RTAS) Solve tracking and mix problems, and troubleshoot phase coherency with the BF Essential Correlation Meter. It works on stereo tracks or stereo submixes. Use it to stop phase problems before they start.
  • BF Essentials Meter Bridge: (HTDM, RTAS) The BF Essential Meter Bridge provides best-of-breed VU metering on any channel while using minimal DSP resources. Enjoy the ease of use afforded by a needle, a big meter, and a faithful emulation of the decades-old standard for meter ballistics. Select RMS or Peak metering, and calibrate instantly for useful viewing at any signal level, just like a pro tape machine.
  • BF Essentials Noise Meter: (RTAS) The BF Essential Noise Meter is three meters in one:1) Set to “A,” it’s an A-weighted noise meter
    2) Set to “R-D,” it’s a Robinson-Dadson equal-loudness meter
    3) Set to “None,” it’s a VU meter with 100 dB of visual range
    Mono and stereo versions included.
  • BF Essentials Tuner: (RTAS) Even though some quality plug-ins exist that give you access to a whole slew of guitar amps, cabinets, and effects, you still need to have a tuned instrument going into it. Why complicate things with another hardware device? Enter the BF Essential Tuner. In addition to tracking more accurately and tuning faster than any of those battery-eating handheld gizmos, it’s more convenient than rackmount tuners.
  • Funk Logic Mastererizer: (RTAS, AudioSuite) Lo-fi sound effects plug-in developed by Bomb Factory and Funk Logic

To get these free plug-ins, visit this Digidesign page.


  1. Charlie says:


    I’m totally new to Pro Tools and it seems like a world for grown-ups only. But I’m willing to learn.

    So how come I’ve installed a set of free Bomb Factory plug-ins, (emphasize ‘free’) and that they are not showing in my Pro Tools AudioSuite menu, where I believe all the plug-ins should be gathered ??


  2. Charlie ~ Your BF plugins can be accessed using the Insert Tabs in the Mix Window. Some of them (BF76, for example) should also be available in your AudioSuite Menu.