Free Plug-In: Prosoniq North Pole

Prosoniq’s North Pole plug-in for Pro Tools is no longer available in RTAS format. However, you can still use it with your Audio Units applications for free. I’ll leave this post up for anyone interested in learning more about this classic filter module plug-in.


Prosoniq is a German software company. Since the early 90’s they’ve been researching and developing new ways for people like you and me to edit and process audio using software.

Prosoniq’s current portfolio is made up of their high-end stand-alone time-stretching and pitch-shifting software, Time Factory 2, and a catalog of studio plug-ins including a multiband compressor, a synth, a reverb and, of course, their best-selling product, the now-classic Orange Vocoder.

Prosoniq North Pole Resonant Filter

The North Pole is not part of the Prosoniq commercial product line. It was developed by a couple of guys who work for the company and has been free from day one.

What is North Pole?

The North Pole is a analog-type filter with an envelop follower, a distortion, and a stereo delay. In my opinion, it’s a really useful plug-in. With very moderate settings, I’ve used it to add a bit of clarity and ‘bite’ to certain synth and percussion sounds, and with more intense settings, I’ve gotten some insanely cool tones and textures that I don’t recall getting from anything else quite so easily. I like having the distortion and delay side-by-side in a single plug-in – it’s quick and useful.

The AU version of North Pole is available here