Free Plug-Ins from Nomad Factory

2011 Update: It looks as though another great set of free plug-ins have been discontinued. I’ll leave the post up for anyone who may be looking for a reference to the original Free Bundle. However, it is no longer available. Nomad Factory is still in business and making some great plug-ins which you can purchase at their website.

The Nomad Bundle (formerly “Free Bundle”) was designed specifically to acknowledge and show appreciation for Nomad Factory customers. Each customer that purchased any Nomad Factory product received this set of three high-quality effects plug-ins.

Who is Nomad Factory?

Bernie Torelli, founder of Nomad Factory is a recording engineer, producer and composer who has worked with legendary musicians and artists such as Stanley Clarke, Michel Polnareff, and Marie Carmen. His work has garnered praise from numerous leading industry magazines, including Mix and Pro Audio Review. Bernie was nominated for a grammy award for mixing Cab2 “Best Contemporary Jazz Instrumental Album”.

Who uses Nomad plug-ins?

Current users include drummers Dennis Chambers (currently with Santana), David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), violinist Jerry Goodman (Flock, Mahavishnu Orchestra), bassists/producers Stanley Clarke, Bunny Brunel and Josquin des Pres, guitarist Tony MacAlpine (Steve Vai, Planet X), singer Mark Boals (Yngwie Malstem, Ring Of Fire), classic rock engineer Barry Rudolph (Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd) and many others.

Nomad Bundle plug-ins

I came across this page at the Nomad Factory site offering their original (but discontinued) bundle.

Mac OSX Tiger Compatible and Windows 98/2000/XP Compatible. No support. But owners manual is at the download site.

The Nomad Bundle includes a Nomad-Phaser, Nomad-Sweeper, and Nomad-Tremolo. But do not let the “price” fool you! These plug-ins are serious pro audio tools by Nomad Factory. This means you still get the distinctive look and incredible sound you would come to expect from any Nomad Factory product. The classic effects in the Nomad Bundle allow you to instantly expand the creative possibilities for your recordings. Designed by musicians for musicians, the Free Bundle is an essential tool for your virtual studio.

Go check out the plug-ins from Nomad Factory


  1. Can’t get the installer to work for the mac version. 🙁