Free Plug-Ins: FreqAnalyst Spectrum Analyzer

A Pro Tools Spectrum Analyzer plug-in is a very helpful tool to have and is worth spending some money on. But if there’s one that is legitimately free – all the better.

For a few years now, this post was about the RNDigital Inspector plug-in. But unfortunately the Inspector plug-in – as great as it is – seems to have vanished from sight. After putting in much effort to try and track it down, I came across another reliable Spectrum Analyzer plug-in that is also free! The Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst.

Here’s the details from their site, with a link to the download at the bottom.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst is a free spectrum analyzer plug-in that lets you monitor the spectral content of your audio signal in real time. It has been designed to provide extreme smoothness and high resolution for both time and frequency: unlike most spectrum analyzers, Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst is able to display continuous variations even with a very high frequency resolution, thanks to its unique smooth interpolation algorithms.

Most aspects of the audio to frequency display conversion can be managed, which lets you total control over the monitoring. A special thresholding system has been developed to help you see the important parts of the spectrum easily. In case you need extra precision in a particular frequency range, you can zoom the display and check the part of the graph you are interested in.

As shown in the screenshots, you can use the opacity management feature to make the plug-in window transparent and see what is behind: forget about your multiple display setup, you do not need it anymore! You can now check the spectrum of your mix and see your audio tracks behind. This feature is also particularly useful when you want to compare the spectrum of two tracks: just stack your two FreqAnalyst windows and see the difference!

This plug-in supports Blue Cat’s skinning language, so that you can customize the user interface to your personal needs.

Analyzer PlugIn for Pro Tools

Blue Cat Spectrum Analyzer Plug In for Pro Tools

Here’s the download page at Blue Cat Audio.


  1. Thanks! I was in need of a quick spectrum analyzing solution and this stuff just did the job.


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