Free Plug-Ins: Massey

Free Pro Tools Plug-Ins Massey

Some of the coolest plug-ins out there are free. In this series of posts, I’m going to tell what they are, who makes them and where to get them. So, if you’re considering upgrading your plug-in arsenal, check this out.

In part one of this series I’m going to tell you about Massey Plug-Ins; a California-based operation that has been generating allot of interest over the last couple of years.

Massey Plug-Ins

You may have already heard about Massey plug-ins because there’s allot of Pro Tools users out there raving about them. Massey plug-ins is the one man operation of Steve Massey, a software developer and former Digidesign employee who has contributed his talents to some very highly regarded Trillium Lane Labs products such as TL Space and TL Aggro. He’s been independently developing, selling (and giving away) his plug-ins since early 2006.

High-end plug-ins for Pro Tools

Massey’s current product line consists of six plug-ins.

THC distortion stompbox plug-in
highly accurate analog-modeled distortion pedal. THC delivers true analog-like sonic quality. THC can be used to dirty up any audio material — try it on vocals, organ, drums, and, of course, guitar.
CT4 compressor plug-in
provides clean and smooth gain reduction, with a little punch. Designed to have both electro-optical and vari-mu characteristics. Users have noted that the CT4 is very good at preserving the “air” of the source material.
L2007 mastering limiter
mastering-grade look-ahead brickwall limiter.
3-band equalizer with a crisp, unique sound. The vt3 is also extremely DSP efficient. A Pro Tools HD DSP can run up to 34 mono channels. HD Accel can run a whopping 78 channels per DSP.
Tape-Head saturation plug-in
a little saturation to your mix. Make your drums fuller & louder. Add some grit to vocals.
TD5 analog tape delay plug-in
Simply put, the TD5 sounds and acts like a real-life vintage tape delay. Deep, thick, gritty, and three dimensional. The TD5 has up to 2 seconds of delay time, can sync to the Pro Tools tempo map, and provides a number of tonal options.

Free vs. Feature Rich

At the Massey website you’ll notice that each plug-in is available as a Free version or as a feature-rich paid version.

Unlike many manufacturers who place time limitations or some sort of annoying noise-burst on their trial versions, Massey’s free plug-ins have an unlimited usage period and introduce no mutes or beeps into the audio. Instead, Steve has disabled the by-pass button (ok….”ouch”), and chosen to include certain features, such as the support of Control

But paid versions in Massey terms may not mean what you think. Massey Plug-Ins is one guy and the only marketing that I’m aware of thus far has been the word-of-mouth of enthusiastic users. With such low overhead and low marketing costs, Massey plug-ins are priced affordably, as you’d expect.

The paid versions range from $69-$89 US. You can buy all six plug-ins for $444.00. When you consider the quality of the product vs the price of comparable (and perhaps inferior) products, Massey plug-ins are a steal.

So whether you want to spend the money or just want the free versions, a visit to the Massey website is worth your while.

…the star of the show; when you consider its price, it is truly amazing….let’s hope that Steven Massey continues producing plug-ins of this quality at an unbeatable price and that he doesn’t get swallowed up by above manufacturer who then immediately puts the prices up! (Sound on Sound)

Massey ToolKit v0.4.0 beta

Steve Massey has another website at smassey dot com. Here you can download an unsupported set experimental plug-ins.

The Toolkit beta release includes:

High-Resolution Meter plug-in
configurable meter showing RMS, peak, and peak hold.(RTAS/TDM, mono, stereo, 5.1)
Listen plug-in
The opposite of a meter plugin. Will dramatically improve your mixes!(RTAS/TDM, stereo)
auto-backup plug-in (RTAS, mono)
This plugin mutes the audio under two conditions: 1. The transport is running. 2. A user-defined volume threshold is exceeded. (RTAS, mono)
WetDry + Mono
This plugin combo lets you add wet/dry auditioning around another plugin or set of plugins.(Stereo, RTAS)
(M/S) encoder/decoder plugin (RTAS, stereo)
Recall Notes
(TDM, RTAS, mono, stereo)

Massey’s high-end plug-ins can be found at Massey Plug-Ins dot com. The Massey Tools Beta Plugins can be downloaded at smassey dot com


  1. Thomas Allbert says:

    Will Massey plugins work in cubase le or logic express 8?Thanks

  2. Thomas ~ No. Massey plug-ins are RTAS and TDM only and therefore exclusively compatible with Pro Tools.

  3. Frederik Nordstrom says:

    Hi there!

    You helped me earlier with an issue on midi, and I appreciate that very much.

    Now I have a new question: I read about these free plugins and thats very nice. I just cant figure out how to install these and where to put them on my Mac.

    I have some place called digidesign/pro tools/

    Do I just put them there, and then they’ll show up in the plug-in list?

    Thank you!

    -Frederik Nordstrom

    • Frederik ~ You should not have to put the plugins anywhere manually. You just run the installer application that is included when you download the plugin. The installer is “smart” and will locate the correct Pro Tools plugins folder (unless you’ve accidentally moved those around).

      Once you’ve run the installer for the plugin, you may be asked to restart (not usually with a plugin install, though) and will then be able to access the plugin from within Pro Tools.

      If none of this is working, I would take a few minutes to double check the compatibility of the plugin with your Pro Tools system and Operating System.

      Also, there are usually READ ME files or PDF Manuals included with the download that detail the installation process step-by-step and you may want to refer to those also.

      Best regards!

  4. Hi-

    After reading great reviews, I downloaded the free version, then clicked on Installer-then it says installation successful!

    But I can’t find them in the inserts on Digital Performer 7.24/Mac OS 10.72

    Thanks for your help