Free Plug-Ins: TriTone Digital

Free Pro Tools Plug-Ins - TriTone Digital

TriTone Digital’s PhaseTone and ColorTone were some of the useful (and free) RTAS plugins. But they are no longer available from the developer.

Tritone Digital can be found here. This post remains available as a reference for those interested in the plug-ins.

A few years ago when I was looking for a plug-in that would allow me to adjust the phase relationship of my Direct and Amp’d bass tracks. I was looking to solve the problem of unintentional tonal changes (hollowness, lack of punch and solid low end) that were occurring when mixing the two signals together. I found the TriTone Digital Phasetone plug-in and it helped me solve the problem. And as a bonus, it was free!

It seems that the existence of TriTone Digital as a company was also the result of trying to meet a music need. Quoting one of the founders, Salvator (from the Tritone Website)…

For the longest time I’ve been on a quest for an EQ plugin that could compete with my favorite outboard analog gear. But all the ones I tried simply failed to meet my needs, and so I decided to build my own….Soon, we realized we simply shouldn’t keep those excellent processors to ourselves, and TriTone Digital was born!

TriTone Digital – For the love of tone
One look through their product line and it’s pretty obvious that the guys at TriTone Digital are creating plug-ins that emphasize tone and character.

  • Classic Tone: a true-to-the-original recreation of one of the best sounding graphic EQs ever made.
  • PulTone FL: a recreation of a super-sweet passive program filter set.
  • Angel Tone: a digital mastering EQ that utilizes state-of-the-art modeling to combine analog mastering EQ sweetness with digital precision and recall.
  • HydraTone: a mix-oriented parametric EQ that utilizes state-of-the-art modeling to provide analog EQ flavor with digital precision
  • ValveTone ’62: a unique, vibe-laden plugin that pays tribute to the EQs of yesterday; it’s all about incredibly thick tone.
  • ColorTone-Pro: a tone box which simulates the signal path of analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes.

While they’re not as inexpensive as the Massey plug-ins (discussed in Part 1 of this series), they’re still what I think many Pro Tools users might consider affordable. The products range in price from $85.00 US for the ValveTone ’62 to $159.00 for the Angel & Hydra Tone plug-ins. But what about their free plug-ins?

TriTone’s Free Plug-Ins

Screen Shot of PhaseTone plug-in

PhaseTone is a FREE frequency-dependent phase rotation and correction plugin.

PhaseTone allows you to manipulate the phase of your signal across a user-definable frequency range, with options for creating different phase and time-based offsets (if desired) for the left and right channels of a stereo signal.

Similar to hardware boxes popular for correcting phase relationships between signal-pairs such as bass DI and bass mics and top/bottom snare mics, PhaseTone goes a little further.

By allowing the user to select the center frequency and Q of the phase process, PhaseTone allows for more creative manipulation of phase when mixing, producing more EQ like results, increasing clarity and removing mud.

The PhaseTone is a truly complete, free product. There’s no PhaseTone Pro to buy and there are no features disabled on this plug-in. You can download it here.

ColorTone plug-ins

ColorTone-free is the free version of it’s big brother, ColorTone-Pro.

ColorTone-Free is a Tone Box which simulates the signal path of analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes. ColorTone-Free is designed to provide analog-like character and flavor to the modern digital audio workstation.

The free version of ColorTone comes with a collection of classic studio models, though not as many as its big brother ColorTone-Pro. But the free version does allow you to multiply the color of the selected circuit, increasing the color from the standard character to several times the original color.

Also, ColorTone-Free does not have a number of features found in ColorTone-Pro, including a larger selection of models, TriTone’s custom-coded Warmth algorithm for adding extra harmonic content, the ability to reverse the color of a model, the super-cool Blend mode and the ability to make and load external models of your own gear. But hey – it’s free! You can download your ColorTone-Free here.