Groove Templates with Beat Detective Tutorial

This Pro Tools 8 Tutorial video will demonstrate using Beat Detective™ to extract subtle timing information from a recording of a live drum part. Then I’m going to apply that timing information to my own MIDI performance. The purpose is to infuse some of the feel of the live drum part into the MIDI parts so that all the parts groove together.

About “feel” and “groove”

The timing variations that are discussed in this video are sometimes considered very subtle. But they are there and they make a huge difference. Especially when you multiply their affect across several musical elements in an arrangement.

If you do not hear them at first, feel free to watch it again and listen for the way that Groove Quantized tracks “gel” or “pocket” better with the live drums.

Intro to Groove Templates with Beat Detective™ – 7:46


  1. I noticed your use of the “legato” duration function. How often do you head into other midi menus like this? This is something I rarely do but I know there’s a lot of great features in here. I’d love to get some tips on midi quantization and utilizing these functions to really get things clean and tidy.

    • Keith ~ Thanks for the comment.

      I’ve always found that even subtle changes in duration values have a huge affect on the feel of the music.

      I give note duration and other Event Operations attention whenever working on MIDI performances. I head into the other MIDI menus numerous times throughout each session, depending on the music.