Kompletely Insane Native Instruments Deal

If you’re looking for Virtual Instruments this will make your day.

Native Instruments makes some of the best sounding virtual instruments on the market. Their products are used everyday in professional music and post production projects every day.

Kompletely Insane

Right now and for a limited time you can get the eleven (11) essential Native Instruments products in their flagship bundle, called Komplete 5, for $399.00!

Why is that insane? Because it’s usually closer to $1200.00 to buy Komplete 5.

Komplete 5 includes eleven different instruments and tools:

  • Samplers/Sample Players
  • Synthesizers (Analog Recreations, Digital and Hybrid)
  • Organ (Hammond Emulator)
  • Piano (Acoustic)
  • Electric Pianos
  • Guitar Multi Effect Processing

Based on everything I’ve read it looks like there’s a limited supply.

If you want it, I’d probably grab it sooner than later.

KOMPLETE 5 for $399.00 and Amazon.com