Learn the Essentials of Pro Tools

Learn Pro Tools online with premium training at pttuts.com. Pro Tools Tutorials is an online Pro Tools video and illustrated tutorials course for beginner to intermediate level Pro Tools users.

The course was created to teach Pro Tools users:

  • how to use Pro Tools features
  • how to get clear on important Audio, Digital Audio and MIDI concepts

Many current learning resources assume too much on the part of learner which can tend to result in students feeling unsure about when and why to use a particular tool or feature.

So if you don’t mind having everything explained in clear and simple terms, then I believe you’ll benefit from the training at pttuts.com.

Included Topics

I’ve included all of the topics that I cover on a regular basis in my offline training of Pro Tools users. But funnily enough, the process of scripting out and considering my choice of words more, as well as editing each of the (close to 200) videos, resulted in a much more concentrated course than what I could teach in person.

Pro Tools Tutorials

Pro Tools Tutorials Course at pttuts.com

The course is divided into 12 Core Lesson Modules, comprised of almost 200 videos and dozens of text/illustrated articles and tutorials (much like what you’re used to here at ShowMeProTools.com.)

The Pro Tools Lesson Modules are:

101: Getting Started
102: Working with Sessions
103: Audio Recording
104: Importing, Regions & Playlists
105: Edit Mode and Edit Tools
106: Introduction to MIDI
107: Working with MIDI
108: Selection and Navigation Techniques
109: Essential Editing Features and Techniques
110: The Mixer and Mixer Terminology
111: More Mixing, Production Techniques
112: Final Steps for Every Session
Bonus: Music Production QuickStart Guide (165 Page PDF and Pro Tools Practice Files)
Bonus: Intermediate Tutorials

What the course is not

This course makes no claim of being a “magical” – finish this course and you’ll be a record producer program. Because frankly, that’s not possible.

Learning to produce and engineer music is a lifelong pursuit – a craft and a passion that you develop through long hours, hard work, practice and experience, like songwriting or playing an instrument. It’s not something that can be handed to you at the end of a single training program.

What it Is

The PTTUTS course walks you through the most important “Pro Tools how-to’s” and also demystifies many of the related, must-know topics such as MIDI, digital audio, eq and mixing, and general workflow – putting all together.

The goal is that you become confident in your skill and abilities with the tools, so you’ll be free to spend your Pro Tools time more productively and able to focus your efforts on developing your craft as a producer, songwriter or engineer.

Subscriptions Start At $20

The PTTUTS course is meant to provide an affordable, pay-as-you-go solution. As of July 2012 you can sign up for full access to the PTTUTS course for $20/mo.

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