Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools 10 was announced today at the 131st AES Convention in New York. The latest Pro Tools (as always) is the most powerful, best sounding and feature packed Pro Tools yet.

Recent Pro Tools 9 Milestones

In 2010 Pro Tools released Pro Tools 9. This was somewhat of landmark release as it was the first time Pro Tools truly became an open platform allowing Pro Tools 9 users to pick and choose the hardware they preferred to use.

2010 also saw Avid focus on of improved fidelity in both low cost and pro level audio hardware. All Avid hardware, from the new 3rd Generation MBOX family of interfaces to the new HD IO interfaces received stellar critical reviews.

So, where do they go with Pro Tools 10?

Pro Tools 10 – A Gigantic Leap in Sound and Speed

Pro Tools 10 continues Avid’s recent focus toward addressing user-demands by adding over 50 new features and enhancements. Here’s the highlights.

  • Clip based gain
  • Channel Strip Plugin
  • Real Time Fades
  • Improved AudioSuite processing features
  • Increase Delay Compensation (up to 16,000 samples)
  • Disk Caching
  • New HDX Systems with more DSP
  • Mixed Bit Depth and mixed file types in a session

A Quick Look at some new features

As I have time to play with Pro Tools 10, the tutorials and articles will follow. But for now, here’s a few quick feature highlights.

Pro Tools 10 Clip Based Gain

Clip-Based Gain.This is a Clip, not a Region anymore.

Clip Based Gain

The term clip-based-gain makes allot more sense if you call it Region-Based Gain. Avid have chosen now to replace the term Region with the term Clip. So, you have audio clips, MIDI clips, etc. Clip gain is a feature that applies to audio files only.

If you’ve ever used the Gain plugin to compensate for a region, argh – “clip” – that was quieter or louder than the average level of the rest of the clips, you already understand the basic goal of Clip-Based Gain.

However, CBG (as I’ve just decided to call it), is allot faster and gives you a set of tools that make it much easier adjust the gain of a clip. Including a clip based fader, instantaneous waveform updating, and keyboard shortcuts.

Pro Tools 10 HD has the added ability of converting CBG adjustments to volume automation, or volume automation to CBG settings.

This will be an amazing time saver for anyone working with post audio, and for music producers. I can see this being particularly useful for my typical pre-mix vocal routine of taming lead vocal tracks with automation. But this will be way better because it’s pre-automation, and pre-fader, pre-insert.

Increased Delay Compensation

With Pro Tools 9 Avid added Delay Compensation engine that enabled it to automatically compensate for plugin and mixer latency up to 4095 samples.
But for many users that did not solve the problem of latency in mixes where the latency on a single track, or the your accumulated downstream mixer latency exceeded 4095 samples.

With Pro Tools 10, the delay compensation engine has been been increased to compensate for up to 16,000 sample of plugin or mix buss induced latency.

Avid Euphonix Channel Strip Pro Tools 10

The Pro Tools 10 Channel Strip Plugin

Channel Strip Plugin

If you happened to miss it, in 2009 Avid bought Euphonix, a high-end console manufacturer. The powerful Euphonix System 5 Console became the Avid System 5 console. Now Pro Tools includes a plugin version of a System 5 mixer channel strip plugin.

The strip includes everything you might typically want to have available on a channel including equalization, dynamics processing, filtering, and volume controls. The signal path can be re-ordered to accomplish just about any mixing, or audio-problem-solving task.

I have yet to hear this plug-in in action. But if it’s anywhere near the quality of Euphonix console processing, it will be an amazing addition to anyone’s Pro Tools setup.

New HD Systems – Pro Tools HDX

A new Pro Tools HD system was unveiled. It’s called Pro Tools HDX and it is several time more powerful than any HD Accel system.

New Plug-In Format – AAX

Pro Tools 10 HDX uses a new plugin format called AAX instead the TDM format. (TDM plugins don’t work on the HDX system but they still work on TDM systems.) Eventually AAX will replace RTAS and TDM.

Pro Tools 10 Pricing and Availability

Pro Tools 10 is available right now at and at

Grace Period: To cover those customers who purchased Pro Tools 9 between October 1st and October 20th, 2011, Avid offers their Amnesty Upgrade. So, if you bought PT9 in that period, you get Pro Tools 10 free.

Find out more

Pro Tools 10 has some welcome improvements for Pro Tools users in both music and post production and there’s no way this quick article does it justice. Even the small list of highlight at the top of this page deserves allot of attention.

For now, I recommend you explore all the details about it at now.

Purchase Pro Tools 10

Avid Pro Tools Upgrade From 9 to 10 (Electronic Delivery Activation Card)
Avid Pro Tools 10 (Electronic Delivery Digital Activation Card)


  1. These AAX plugs, do you have any knowledge on the DSP usage of this new audio plugin format?

    • Chris Bryant says:

      Hi Terry,

      Here’s the official Avid description of AAX:

      AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) is Avid’s new advanced plug-in format, offering better workflows and sound parity when sharing sessions between DSP-accelerated and native-based Pro Tools systems. The format comes in two flavors:

      AAX DSP—compatible with Pro Tools|HDX systems only (TDM is not supported in Pro Tools|HDX)
      AAX Native—compatible with any system running Pro Tools/Pro Tools HD 10 software

      There is a dedicated AAX page at Avid, here.

      As far as DSP usage goes.

      Just like TDM and RTAS plugins, how efficiently a particular plugin utilizes DSP (whether HDX or Host) will depend on how the plug-in is coded by the developer.

      And of course, the type of plugin also affects the DSP usage as usual. (ie: reverb and virtual instrument plugins typically use more DSP than equalizer and compressor plugins.)

      Not sure if that answers your question. But hope that helps.