Pro Tools 8 Shipping Now!

The wait is finally over. Pro Tools 8 is shipping and downloading right now.  You can buy it from the Digistore for $149.00 today.

In this post I wanted to give you a quick heads-up about the Digistore purchase process and what you can expect in terms of download sizes and content.


The entire PRO TOOLS 8 package is divided into several downloads: the main PRO TOOLS 8 application, extra sample content downloads, and third party downloads.

PRO TOOLS 8 Downloads

The main PRO TOOLS 8 LE download is 4.1GB Mac and 3.3GB for the Windows version. This includes the application, plug-ins and some documentation.

There’s some extra Sample files you have the option of downloading, too. Here’s what the Download page looks like:

Third Party Content

The third party content, in this case, consists of a three downloads:

  1. Celemony’s Melodyne Essential
  2. BFD Lite V8
  3. Torq V8

Melodyne is my personal choice for pitch correction software and this free version is a very cool piece of software.  BFD 2 is also a personal favorite.  If you haven’t bought it yet, this BFD Lite is a great way to test it out. Torq LE is a “light” edition of the Torq DJ workstation software.

Activation Process

Once you purchase the upgrade from the Digistore, you’ll be given an Activation code. You’ll need to go to this page to enter in the code:

After entering in the Activation code and clicking “continue”, you’ll be taken to your MyDigi user account (if you have one) or be asked to create one (if you haven’t already).

Follow the steps and fill out the forms and eventually you’ll be given the option of clicking on a link that takes you to the downloads page and away you go! You’ll get a serial number emailed to you so you can authorize PT8 upon launching it for the first time.

The downloads are pretty huge. Especially when you add the Big Fish Loop content into the equation. If you have a standard ADSL modem, you can expect anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of downloading time. Also, I had quite a few lags and page reloads during the whole process. Probably due to server overload on Digidesign’s part. (That’s just a guess).

I’ll be posting as much PT8 info as I can fit in over the next few weeks and into 2009. Enjoy Pro Tools 8!

Have a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas!

Go get PROTOOLS 8 Now! Pro Tools 8


  1. Looking for authorization code for Melodyne.

  2. Wayne ~ The Authorization code for Melodyne can be found in your MyDigi account under Third Party Content