Pro Tools Session Management Basics 5

Pro Tools Session Management basics are what you’ve been learning in this series. Now, you’re going to learn what the Regions Groups folder is for, how to save Auto-Backups of your .ptf Session files and why the Video files folder is there one second and gone the next… sometimes.

Pro Tools File Structure Video 5/5: 4:20

  • Region Groups
  • Session File Backups
  • Video Files folder


  1. Mike Baker says:

    Thanks for this series – very helpful!

  2. Why would you Export a Region Group? I don’t understand the point. 馃檪

    • Keith ~ Exporting Region Groups is handy any time you want to bring a Region Group from one session to another. It brings in all the tracks and edits in the Group in one go.

      There’s many uses and as you know, once you start playing with it, you’ll discover uses that are unique to your way of working.

      But say for example, you have a Writing Session. It’s full of tracks and ideas over the course of 100-200 bars. But you get to that point where you’ve boiled the idea down to the essential sections and tracks. Now you want to play with the arrangement a little. You’ve already done tons of edits: some subtle drum track edits here, a couple of scratch vocal crossfades there, and little MIDI edits everywhere.

      By creating a Region Group with just the desired tracks and divided by musical sections (verses, intro, chorus, bridge, breakdown, etc) – and Exporting those Groups, you could then close that Writing Session and create a New Session called “Song Arrangement Ideas”. In that session you would import the Region Groups and be able to very cleanly and easily drag them around to try out arrangement ideas using those sections.

      The Region Groups would automatically bring in all the editing as well as reference the original audio.

      That’s just to get the wheels turning. Go ahead and try it. Once you see it I’m certain it will ‘click’ and you’ll think of a dozen clever uses instantly!