Pro Tools LE 7.4cs4 Update Released!

Back in December ’07 I started running 7.4 LE. Not only was I excited to start using Elastic Audio but I was also hoping that 7.4 would rescue me from the missing waveform displays, Nudge values that couldn’t be set and from the Groove Quantize induced crashes that characterized my 7.3 LE experience.

Yes. 7.3 was dismal – apparently not for everyone (as usual) – but for me it was “very problematic”. So, I was hoping 7.4 would be better.

While the early releases of 7.4 LE did correct some of the above issues, it introduced some new issues of it’s own. Issues that were even more hazardous to my work flow than the 7.3 issues. Specifically, MIDI would not play back in time on my 7.4 LE system.

I discovered this problem back in December when I loaded a song that I had spent probably 80-100 hours programming MIDI tracks for. I spent about two days (seriously) trying to figure out why, for some unknown reason, the song timing felt “off” even though everything lined up the way I expected it to – at least visually and in the MIDI Event list.

After troubleshooting for those two days I assumed it was a bug. I posted a new topic at the DUC to see if anyone else was encountering the same problems I was. Sure enough, pretty soon a bunch of users reported the same thing.

In February, Digidesign acknowledged the issue and said a service release was on the way. So, all of the users who were experiencing the problems were forced to find a workaround until a fix came. My work around? Go back to Pro Tools 7.1, the last consistently stable release I’d used.

Now – it looks like the fix is here.

Based on my experience, I’m not going to get too excited until I have a chance to test it out. And I’m not going to test it out until I have a clear window of downtime (just in case I need to go back to 7.1 again).

I’ll be sure to post when I’ve tested it out.

Until then, you can read the latest DUC posts from other users who’ve experienced the 7.4LE MIDI Timing Issues here.

Here’s where you can download the update.

If you’re running 7.4LEcs4 on your system, please share about your experience with it – good or bad – in the comments.


  1. Lambert Corcoran says:


    I’m having these notorious midi issues as well. Just downloaded cs5 update for 7.4 and it has NOT corrected my midi problems. Are you still running 7.1 or have you had any luck with the cs4 or cs5 update? I’m a stone’s throw from reverting to 7.1 myself.

    Many Thanks,


  2. Lambert ~ Yes. I did actually upgrade to 7.4cs5 on OSX 10.4.8 on a G5 iMac with a 002 Rack and it seemed to fix the midi timing issues, which as you know – made PT useless for MIDI. That upgraded system gets allot of use at my training studio and so far so good.

    If you’ve tested it and know for sure that you’re getting “the issue” in cs5- then the next thing I would consider is the possibility that the actual installation procedure might have something to do with it…

    When I installed cs5, I was going from 7.1 (which I had reverted to). I uninstalled 7.1 (using the uninstall feature within the installer), repaired my OSX permissions, re-installed 7.1, upgraded to 7.3, upgrading from 7.3 to 7.4cs5.

    Doing a new, clean series of installs worked for me. Perhaps it will work for you.

    Over the years I’ve noticed inconsistent quirks when doing upgrades without doing fresh installs first – maybe something to do with various files that are NOT deleted or overwritten by the upgrade installer when ideally they should be.

    So – try that. If that doesn’t work, then I’d say you may want to consider reverting back to 7.1. Or, if possible, go forward to 7.4.2.