Pro Tools Session Guidelines

Download the Digidesign Pro Tools Session Guidelines. They were created by several professional Pro Tools producers and engineers in an effort to make the sharing of Pro Tools sessions as seamless as possible.

If you plan or are already working with other Pro Tools studios and engineers, you’ll want to know about the Pro Tools Session Guidelines. They were created by the Technical Subcommittee of the Florida Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy based on their experience with Pro Tools, along with many suggestions received from the national P&E Wing members.

The goal of these guidelines is to improve Pro Tools session interchange. The Producers and Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy endorses them with the intent of making the transferring of sessions from one engineer/operator to the next — from pre-production through mixing — as seamless as possible.

The guidelines focus mainly on how the engineer/operator can organize, cleanup, and save their session data at the end of the day to make the next person’s job a lot easier.

When followed, they can eliminate much confusion for all operators, provide answers to anticipated questions, solve certain problems before they arise, and shorten the time between when an operator opens a session and when they are able to go to work.

Here’s a link to Download a PDF of the Pro Tools Session Guidelines from