Pro Tools Window Configurations Tutorial 3

Pro Tools Window Configurations tutorial three of this series. This time you’ll explore saving and recalling Transport window Display Settings.

Tutorial: Pro Tools Transport Window Display Settings

Step 1: Showing the Transport.

In a Pro Tools session, if the Transport window is not already visible, go to the “Window” menu and Select “Transport”.

Step 2: Strip down the Transport.

We want to get the Transport Window down to it’s most basic form.

Go to the “View” menu, and from the “Transport” sub-menu, de-select all the options. You want Counter, MIDI Controls and Expanded options to have no check mark beside them.

Step 3: Your Transport should look like this.

This is the most basic form of Transport window.

Step 4: Create a New Window Configuration.

Go to the “Window” menu, select “Configurations” and “New Window Configuration…”

Step 5: Select the correct Display Settings property.

In the New Window Configuration dialog, select “Transport Window Display Settings” from the pop-up menu beside Display Settings.

Step 6: Name the New Configuration.

In the Name field, type a name for the new configuration

Step 7: Add Comments and Save

Type any comments you want to add, then Press OK.

Step 8: Add Transport Window Options

Go to the “View” menu and from the “Transport” sub-menu, select the MIDI Controls and Counter options.

With just the Counter option added to the Transport, it’ll look like this:

With the MIDI Controls and the Counter added, the Transport looks like this:

Step 9: Create another New Window Configuration.

This is a repeat of Steps 4 to 7.

Go to the “Window” menu, select “Configurations” and select “New Window Configuration…”

Make sure to select “Transport Window Display Settings”.

Name it, add comments, and press OK when you’re done.

Step 10: Using the new Configurations.

To recall one of the two new configurations, just go up to the Window menu, and from the Configurations sub-menu select either of them by name.

Step 11: Use the Window Configurations Keyboard shortcut

Recall either of these two new window configurations using the keyboard shortcut.

On the numeric keypad, press Period (.), the number of the Window Configuration (1–99),
and then Asterisk (*).

Step 12: Using Transport Window Expanded

No matter which Transport options you have enabled, you can always toggle the Expanded view by clicking the “Expand/Collapse” button on the Transport.

The Expanded Transport.

Which Transport Window Display Settings can be stored?

Here is a list of display settings that can be saved and recalled in the Tranport Window using the Display Settings property:

  • Counters Display
  • MIDI Controls
  • Expanded View


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