Region Mute and UnMute Command

Learn how to use Pro Tools Mute/Unmute Region command. It’s a really quick and easy way to mute and unmute the playback of selected regions in a playlist.

Step 1

Start with any mono or stereo audio recording on a track.

Pro Tools Training Region Mute UnMute

1. A newly recorded whole file region.

Step 2

Use the Selector Tool to select a range of the audio that you want to mute.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

2. The Selector Tool is used to make a selection of audio to be muted.

Step 3

Use the Command+E (Mac) or Control+E (Windows) shortcut to Separate the Region. Or, go to: Edit Menu \ Separate Region \ Separate At Selection.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

3. Use the Separate At Selection command in the Edit menu to turn your selection into a region.

Step 4

Once you’ve separated the region, it will automatically be selected.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

4. The separated region is automatically selected for you.

Step 5

From the Edit menu select Mute Regions.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

5. Select Mute Regions from the Edit menu.

Step 6

The region is dimmed or grayed out to indicate that it’s now muted. Play the session to hear – or not hear – the muted region.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

6. The muted region is dimmed to indicate that it is muted.

UnMuting a Muted Region

To unmute a region you’ve previously muted, you’ll use the same command.

Step 7

Use the Time Grabber tool to select the muted region that you want to unmute.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

7. Selecting a muted region with the Time Grabber

Step 8

In the Edit Menu, the menu item that previously said Mute Regions now says Unmute Regions. Select Unmute Regions.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

8. Select Unmute Regions from the Edit Menu

Step 9

Your previously muted region is now unmuted and back to normal.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

9. The region is now back to normal - unmuted - and will be heard when you play the session.

Mute / Unmute Keyboard Shortcuts

The Mute and Unmute regions command can be done using the keyboard shortcuts: Command+M (Mac) or Control+M (Windows).

Step 10

Use the Time Grabber tool to select another region on your playlist.

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

10. Select another region on the playlist using the Time Grabber

Step 11

Mute the newly selected region by pressing the “M” key while holding the Command button (Mac). Or, press the “M” key while holding down the Control key (Windows).

Pro Tools Training Screenshot

11. Use the keyboard shortcut to quickly mute and unmute selected regions.