Remix Peter Gabriel at Home

Peter Gabriel has made the multi-tracks for Shock the Monkey available for free download at his Real World Remixed website.

For me, this is exciting news. I’ve been a Peter Gabriel fan since about 1980 (when Games Without Frontiers came out). He’s been one of those artists that I listen to whenever I need to be reminded of how good music can be when you’ve got great songs, talented players and creative production – all impeccably engineered.

Well – now you can go over to Real World Remixed, and download a Sample Pack of the classic track Shock The Monkey. It’s MP3 format and includes 31 different files with names like “PG-Falsetto”, “Middle8Marimba_Bass” and “ShockRevEcho”.

If you’re interested in honing your skills this is an excellent opportunity for you to work with stems from a mainstay on modern pop/rock radio for the last 30 years. Go and download the Sample Packs, compare what you hear to the original and learn.


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