Pro Tools Speedy Plug-In Selection

Speed up your workflow and save time by putting these little known Pro Tools features to work for you.

Default EQ and Dynamics plug-ins

How many times during a session do you call up an EQ or Dynamics plug-in? How often is it the same one – a workhorse EQ or compressor plug-in?

Well, Pro Tools 7.3 added a Preference that enables you to set a default EQ and a default Dynamics plug-in. Once set, the two plug-ins are accessible from the top-level of your Insert Selector pop-up menu.

Setting the Default Plug-Ins

  1. Go to the Setup Menu → Preferences → Click on the Mixing Tab
  2. Select an EQ from the Default EQ drop-down menu
  3. Select a Compressor or other dynamics plug from the Dynamics drop-down menu

Setup Menu > Preferences > Mixing Tab

Using Your Default Plugins

Once you’ve set-up the your Default Plug-Ins Preference, you’ll be able to easily select the default plug-ins from the Insert Selector pop-up menu.

The Default plug-ins show up right at the top, every time.

Default Plugins are accessible from the top-most level – you won’t need to view the plug-ins list at all.

Plug-In Favorites

Another method for speeding up your plugin selection is to designate certain plug-ins as favorites.

A favorite plug-in will show up at the top of the plug-ins menu. Unlike the Default Plug-Ins preference, the favorite plug-ins feature is not limited to EQ and Dynamics. Any plug-in or virtual instrument can be set aside as a favorite.

How to designate a plug-in as a favorite

It’s one simple step: ⌘-Click (Mac) or Control-Click (Win) the Insert Selector and Select one of your favorite plug-ins.

The favorite plug-ins show up at the top of the plug-ins menu

Spectrasonics Atmosphere is the Favorite plug-in here.

At first, when you designate a plug-in as a favorite, it might appear as though nothing has happened. But don’t worry, next time you open your plug-ins menu you’ll see the favorite plug-in listed right at the top.

Favorite plug-ins will also continue to be listed in the regular plug-ins menu, except now they’ll be displayed with bold text.

If you want to remove a plug-in from the favorites: ⌘-Click (Mac) or Control-Click (Win) the Insert Selector and Select it. Next time you open the menu, that plug-in will not be listed in your favorites.


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