Region Mute and UnMute Command

Learn how to use Pro Tools Mute/Unmute Region command. It’s a really quick and easy way to mute and unmute the playback of selected regions in a playlist. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Tutorial – Edit and Automation Playlists (Video)

Pro Tools Editing and Automation Playlists can greatly improve your creative work. Edit Playlists allow you to experiment with multiple versions of a track without having to duplicate it while Automation Playlists enable [Read more…]

Pro Tools Pre Post Roll Techniques

Pro Tools Pre-Roll and Post-Roll feature lets you specify an amount of time that you want Pro Tools to play either before or after a Edit or Recording selection. In this video you’ll see it in action and learn multiple techniques for quickly setting your Pre and Post Roll times. [Read more…]

Nudging Regions

When it comes to fine tuning the placement of audio and MIDI regions in Pro Tools use the Nudge feature. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to set a specific Nudge value and move regions around using the Plus and Minus keys on the numeric keypad. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Non Destructive Editing

Pro Tools is considered a nondestructive editing environment because most of the audio edits that [Read more…]

Using Sync Points Tutorial

Sync Points in Pro Tools are useful when you want to line up a point within a Region [Read more…]

Clearing Unused Regions

This Pro Tools Tutorial explains how to use a very useful session house-keeping feature called Clear Unused Regions. This will help you clutter in your regions list and make for smaller session back up sizes. [Read more…]