Region Mute and UnMute Command

Learn how to use Pro Tools Mute/Unmute Region command. It’s a really quick and easy way to mute and unmute the playback of selected regions in a playlist. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Tutorial – Edit and Automation Playlists (Video)

Pro Tools Editing and Automation Playlists can greatly improve your creative work. Edit Playlists allow you to experiment with multiple versions of a track without having to duplicate it while Automation Playlists enable [Read more…]

Changing Send Views (video)

Pro Tools Sends Views can be displayed two different ways in the Mix window. This tutorial will show you how to toggle between them. [Read more…]


Certain books on audio engineering, mixing, and production have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be ‘must-haves’. If you’re looking to start or add to your library, here are some of my favorites. Check them out. [Read more…]

Download Peter Gabriel Games Without Frontiers MultiTrack

Peter Gabriel has made his classic song Games Without Fontiers available in multitrack format [Read more…]

Studio Monitoring Basics

Ever worked for hours and hours on a mix and then taken it to your car, or to a friend’s house [Read more…]

Musical Pitch vs. Frequency

Musical Pitch and Frequency are more or less the same thing. What musicians call pitch an engineer will call frequency. It may be an A on a guitar or piano, but it’s 220Hz (or 440Hz and octave higher) on a equalizer. [Read more…]

Reverb Revealed

Ever felt like you’re just not getting the whole picture when it comes to using reverbs? [Read more…]