UAD Version 6.0 Pro Tools Enhancements

Universal Audio September 1, 2011 – Universal Audio’s Powered Plug-Ins v6.0 includes a complete overhaul of the UAD plug-in workflow in Pro Tools. UAD RTAS plug-ins are developed in-house for integration with Pro Tools. [Read more…]

Waves Update Plan Pricing

Great news for Waves plug-in users. If you own any Waves plug-in bundles you’ll be glad to hear that they’ve finally come up with a pricing strategy that is making allot of people happy. [Read more…]

Buy Battery 3 for $99

This post dates back to 2009 when Amazon was blowing out copies of Native Instruments Battery for $99.00. That has long since ended. However, you can now purchase a full copy of Battery 3 with a massive sample library for less than $200.00 at Amazon. [Read more…]

Free Kore Soundpack for Christmas

Please note the date of this post is December 2008. This promotion has ended. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins from Nomad Factory

2011 Update: It looks as though another great set of free plug-ins have been discontinued. [Read more…]

Meet the Newest Pro Tools: Digidesign Pro Tools 8

Pro Tools 8 has officially been announced by Avid/Digidesign and is showcasing a preview of the software this weekend at [Read more…]

Antares Autotune for $199.00!

Update April 2011: Autotune Evo can now be purchased for $199 via Amazon. AutoTune Evo at

Original Posting

I see that there’s still a few copies of Antares AutoTune 5 being sold for $149.00. [Read more…]

All about iLok

Pace’s iLok key has made plug-in management hassles a thing of the past. If you don’t know what iLok is and how it works. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: TriTone Digital

Free Pro Tools Plug-Ins - TriTone Digital

TriTone Digital’s PhaseTone and ColorTone were some of the useful (and free) RTAS plugins. But they are no longer available from the developer. [Read more…]

Pro Tools Speedy Plug-In Selection

Speed up your workflow and save time by putting these little known Pro Tools features to work for you. [Read more…]