New Pro Tools Features at IBC 2011

Avid is at IBC 2011 and is talking about some of the possible improvements that may be coming up in Pro Tools. [Read more…]

Apple AMS (Audio MIDI Setup) for Pro Tools

Start using your external MIDI devices within Pro Tools, you need to let Pro [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl Plugin ProToolsIzotope Vinyl emulates the snap, crackle, pop that you’d hear the moment the needle dropped on a piece of vinyl. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: TriTone Digital

Free Pro Tools Plug-Ins - TriTone Digital

TriTone Digital’s PhaseTone and ColorTone were some of the useful (and free) RTAS plugins. But they are no longer available from the developer. [Read more…]

Pro Tools LE 7.4cs4 Update Released!

Back in December ’07 I started running 7.4 LE. Not only was I excited to start using Elastic Audio but [Read more…]