Antares Autotune for $199.00!

Update April 2011: Autotune Evo can now be purchased for $199 via Amazon. AutoTune Evo at

Original Posting

I see that there’s still a few copies of Antares AutoTune 5 being sold for $149.00. [Read more…]

All about iLok

Pace’s iLok key has made plug-in management hassles a thing of the past. If you don’t know what iLok is and how it works. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: Xpand

April 2011: The Xpand Virtual Instrument plug-in is no longer available at the Avid site for free download. If you’re using Pro Tools 8 or Pro Tools 9 this won’t matter because your system will have shipped with Xpand2. If you are running Pro Tools 7.x and would still like to get your hands on Xpand, you can purchase the Pro Tools 7 version of the 101 Courseware, which happened to include Xpand on the DVD. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl Plugin ProToolsIzotope Vinyl emulates the snap, crackle, pop that you’d hear the moment the needle dropped on a piece of vinyl. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: TriTone Digital

Free Pro Tools Plug-Ins - TriTone Digital

TriTone Digital’s PhaseTone and ColorTone were some of the useful (and free) RTAS plugins. But they are no longer available from the developer. [Read more…]

Free Plug-Ins: NI Kore Player 2

Native Instruments KORE 2 PLAYER has been released. It’s a free [Read more…]