Track Colors in Pro Tools

Pro Tools 7.3 added track color coding. But at first it’s not exactly obvious how to use it. So, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to do it.

Color Coding your tracks in Digidesign Pro Tools LE, M-Powered, and HD

Basic Color Coding in Pro Tools

Normally, the way Pro Tools color coding works is you double click on a track’s Color Code bar and the Color Palette pops up and gives you the option to color code the following:

  • Tracks
  • Regions in Tracks
  • Regions in Regions List
  • Groups
  • Markers

That’s useful. But when you select ‘Tracks’, it really only colors the little Track Color Code bar next to the Track Label. Not as visible as coloring the whole track.

Color Coding after Pro Tools 7.3 – Tracks!

Track Color Coding in Pro Tools 7.3

In Pro Tools 7.3 LE, M-Powered and HD (and later), a very cool color coding feature was added that allows you to color the entire track. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Double-Click with the mouse on any track color label
  2. Mac Users: Hold down Command+Option+Control and select a color
  3. Windows Users: Hold down Control+Start+Alt and select a color

Of course, this works on any number of selected tracks. So you could select all your drum tracks and make them one color in two seconds, etc.

One Last Tip…

Once you have the Colors you like, use the same three-key command and while holding them down, drag your mouse up and down over the color you selected (on the color palette). This will change the saturation, or intensity of the colors.


  1. I have been off protools for over a year,so many of these tips remind of how much I have forgotten..big thank you

  2. Dennis Keller says:

    Thanks Chris,

    Extremely useful (I am a Visually Oriented)…!