Waves Update Plan Pricing

Great news for Waves plug-in users. If you own any Waves plug-in bundles you’ll be glad to hear that they’ve finally come up with a pricing strategy that is making allot of people happy.

What’s WUP?

If you’re not already aware of it, when you purchase a Waves plug-in bundle you’re automatically covered for one year of priority support and free updates. After that first year, you need to purchase the WUP (Waves Update Plan) in order to maintain priority support and update coverage.

The only problem is that WUP isn’t (or, wasn’t) exactly cheap. The last time I checked my Waves account for my personal WUP pricing I believe it was close to $500.001. Too much money for plug-ins I already own.

Drastic Price Drop in WUP

Great news. Early in March 2010, Waves announced a revision to the pricing for WUP. Instead of charging you a specific dollar amount for each of your bundles, all you have to pay is $200.00! This applies no matter how long your coverage has been inactive.

Three key benefits of having WUP

The Waves Update Plan has three key benefits:

  1. Current versions2
  2. Priority support.
  3. More plugins3

Waves ~ Current Version: 7

Current Version

Having the current version of your plug ins means that they’ll work with current operating systems like Snow Leopard and Vista and current host versions like Pro Tools 8.0.3 LE.

Waves Priority Support

I was reminded how good Waves support can be just two days ago. I ran into an issue that needed some clarification. I emailed tech support through my Waves Account Profile and I had an email response from them within one hour. Fluke? I would have thought so until I emailed them again later and got a response within 30 minutes.

Get more plugins

If a Waves bundle you own has plug-ins added to it while your WUP coverage is current, you’ll get those plug-ins at no extra charge.

Hybrid Compressor ~ Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Mercury V7 owners with WUP coverage receive H-Comp and H-Delay at no additional charge.

Case in point. I just upgraded my SSL bundle and got the G-Series Channel strip. I also upgraded my Diamond bundle which instantly added the Hybrid Compressor, the PuigTech EQs, the Hybrid Delay, Maxx Volume and four other plugins to my collection.

Conditions of the $200 Cap

When you go to purchase your WUP, don’t be alarmed if the price you see at first is higher than $200.00.

As part of the plan, Waves sets the $200.00 cap on the WUP as long as you confirm that you run all products on one machine at a time. You’ll just have to click on the little check box to confirm that and your WUP price will switch to $200.00.

  1. In January 2010 I checked my WUP cost using the WUP feature in the Waves User Account. Today I’m not able to confirm what it quoted me because of the changes in their system. But it was high enough to deter me from buying. I’m fairly certain it was at least $500.00 for all five of my Waves bundles
  2. Waves is currently at V7
  3. There is no guarantee the you will get free plug-ins. It depends on the bundle(s) you own and whether or not Waves adds any new plug-ins to those bundles.


  1. Thomas Henderson says:

    When I update my system my Waves plug-ins won’t work?
    How can I get this right? Tommy Joe