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Show Me Pro Tools in 2018

Pro Tools Instructor

I launched in February 2008. Since then the videos, articles, and tutorials have been used by countless creative artists and producers to improve their skills at making music in Pro Tools. 

Now, after 10 years, it's time to do something new.

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- Chris Bryant, Owner - Music & Technology Educator

Pro Tools MIDI Tutorials

MIDI In Pro Tools

MIDI is a powerful tool for creating amazing music. SMPT tutorials included the basics of MIDI to using MIDI in Pro Tools to craft professional music tracks.

Pro Tools Editing Tutorials

Pro Tools Audio Editing

Pro Tools powerful, yet easy-to-use audio editing tools helped it to become the standard DAW among professionals. SMPT lessons teach you basic to advanced editing.

Pro Tools Mixing Tutorials

Mixing in Pro Tools

SMPT training covers hours of mixing tutorials covering equalization, dynamics, and effects processing with plugins, and mixer automation and mastering in Pro Tools.

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